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Body Painting
Body Painting

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tips for Body Painting

Body Painting
Body painting is one of the most peculiar types of art. People from all over the world paint their bodies to express their thoughts and feelings. People paint their bodies when they are cheering their team. They also paint their bodies for specific events. As a clown face paints to make people laugh and people get their bodies painted for many reasons. The painted body represents creativity and imagination. There are a few tips you can continue painting their bodies. A certain procedure is followed to paint the bodywork to ensure that the painting is beautiful and gives a strong image.

Before painting the body is a good idea to wash and dry your body so that the dust particles are removed. This will help create a uniform layer of paint. There are several methods to paint your body. Choose one that fits best for: Tempra, markers, liquid latex, makeup, airbrush makeup, acrylic and fabric PAX. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Using markers are safe and which are cheap, but it takes time to paint the body with markers. In addition, these markers should be replaced frequently as it ends quickly. Tempra use is a bad choice because it flakes when it dries and makes a mess. Although it is cheap, but when the paint dries, it becomes dust.

The use of airbrush makeup to paint the body is a very good choice and highly recommended by professionals. Unfortunately, it is expensive but the quality is wonderful. Painting with airbrush makeup is flexible and offers excellent quality of work. Another good choice for body painting is the use of acrylic fabrics are cheap, easy to use, beautiful and safe to use. All these methods are ideal for body painting. Apart from that, while painting the body, keep a few things in mind. Use a sponge, if a larger area to be painted, it is faster and easier. Visualize the end result is a good idea because it will help in painting the perfect body. Add special effects to shine and luster of other cosmetic products. Keep a batch of fabric, paint quickly to eliminate errors in painting and drawing. All of these tips can help you paint the body perfectly.